Spring Collection

18 items

    As the season gradually warms up and opportunities to venture outside increase, why not head out with a spring-inspired furoshiki in hand? Additionally, adorning your room with a tapestry that evokes the essence of spring is highly recommended. Explore our Spring Collection to embrace the season in style.
    18 items
    Furoshiki (Isa monyo, Reversible, Cherry Blossoms (S))
    Furoshiki (Isa monyo, Reversible, Japanese Apricot (L))
    Tenugui (Hana-zukushi)
    Tenugui (Plum blossom)
    Tenugui (Asahi-Sakura)
    Seasonal hanging scroll (Cherry blossoms and Mejiro)
    Kaishi Paper (Red Plum Blossom)
    Mini Letter Set (Cherry blossoms) 6 sheets and 3 envelopes