Tango-no-Sekku (端午の節句)

5 itens

    May 5th, celebrated as Boys' Day 'Tango-no-Sekku(端午の節句)', is a day dedicated to praying for the healthy growth and future success of boys. In households with boys, it's customary to raise 'Koinobori (鯉のぼり)' carp streamers, display samurai helmets and warrior dolls, and enjoy traditional foods like chimaki (rice cakes wrapped in bamboo leaves) and kashiwa mochi (rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves) as part of the festivities. It's also believed that taking a bath infused with iris leaves on this day can ward off illnesses. During this season, known for its clear skies, carp streamers gracefully swimming in the blue sky bring joy to our eyes all across Japan.
    5 itens
    Tenugui (Koinobori)
    Seasonal hanging scroll (Boys' Day)
    Washi paper ornament (Koinobori)
    Folktale Kaishiki paper (Momotaro) Set of 5 pieces
    Folktale Chopsticks and Wrappers (Peach) Set of 3 pairs