about us

 Hello, we are Masa & Junko from Delft in the Netherlands. 

We are pleased to offer you tenugui (hand towels), furoshiki (wrapping cloths) and other Japanese craft works made with the traditional Japanese way from here in the Netherlands to all over the Europe (Currently, only to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Portugal). 

The tenugui and furoshiki we offer are traditional Japanese products beloved for hundreds of years. They are based on Japanese traditional crafts and are distinctive for their designs that reflect the changing seasons. In our store, we have carefully selected items that we ourselves have found useful in our daily lives in the Netherlands. We focus on products that we recommend, that can be incorporated into home decor at the change of seasons, and that would make thoughtful gifts for friends. Through this website, we hope to spark interest in Japanese culture, history, art, and nature among many people.

The name of our store, "Chidori," is known as "Plover" in English. This small bird, often seen along the shoreline, symbolizes triumph over adversity, as it is known for its ability to soar over waves. Additionally, it represents harmony within the family, depicted by the image of these birds flying together. In Japan, this symbol has long been a part of family crests and corporate logos, embodying these significant meanings. Inspired by this auspicious bird, we decided to name our store "Chidori-Japan."

Our happiness is threefold: Firstly, it comes from satisfying our customers who use our services and products. Secondly, we take pleasure in arousing interest in our products among customers in Europe, which in turn brings joy to our trading partners. Lastly, as business owners, we are committed to contributing to the community in which we live in the Netherlands. We think that this holistic approach to our business is not just about transactions, but about fostering cultural exchange.

Though we are just a small shop starting out, we are committed to enhancing our threefold happiness. We will continue to expand our selection of captivating products and gradually increase our shipping destinations.

Stay tuned for what's to come!