Kaishi Paper (Crane and Pine tree)
Kaishi Paper (Crane and Pine tree)
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This is a delicate washi paper, featuring a pair of cranes on the front and pine trees on the folded back, both beautifully rendered in soft watercolors. The crane, striking in its white form against a winter landscape, has long been revered as a bird of good fortune. Combined with the pine, a symbol of longevity, it conveys even greater auspiciousness, representing marital bliss and family happiness, as well as deep parental love.
The paper is slightly thin and printed with watercolors that have a transparent feel.
Kaishi paper, originally meant to be carried in the 'futokoro' (inner pocket), consists of folded washi sheets. It was used for writing letters or as a memo. Nowadays, it serves various purposes: at tea ceremonies for receiving sweets, as a notepad, to wipe spills, or even to wrap money. Its small size makes it a convenient addition to any bag.

​Size: Width 14.0cm × Height 17.5cm
Set of 30 sheets
Made in Japan

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