Mini hand towel (Tamagiku)
Mini hand towel (Tamagiku)
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The chrysanthemum motif has been a popular choice in Japanese design for many centuries, dating back to the Heian period and continuing to be used in various applications, from everyday items to indoor decorations. There is a wide array of pattern compositions featuring chrysanthemums, including the wild chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum arabesque, chrysanthemum and water, Manju chrysanthemum, and chrysanthemum diamonds, among others.
Furthermore, chrysanthemums are often associated with the belief of promoting longevity and a prosperous life, making them not only artistically significant but also symbolically meaningful in Japanese culture.

  • Approx. 43cm x 43cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Handwashing recommended.
  • After washing, leave to dry completely.
  • Leaving the product soaked in water for prolonged periods can cause the colour to fade.
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  • Depending on the number and combination of items purchased, it may be shipped using Percel Delivery.
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