Mini hand towel (Rabbit)
Mini hand towel (Rabbit)
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In Japan, the kanji character for "rabbit" (うさぎ) bears a resemblance to the phrase "免れる", which means "to escape" or "to avoid." Due to this visual similarity, the rabbit is believed to bring good luck and protect against misfortune, acting as a symbol of escaping from negative energy or bad luck. 
Furthermore, rabbits are known for their high reproductive capabilities, which has led to their association with "prosperity in descendants" and a fruitful future. The image of a rabbit hopping forward with a light, bouncy movement also symbolizes smooth and successful progress, suggesting that things will be resolved effortlessly and without problems.

  • Approx. 43cm x 43cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Handwashing recommended.
  • After washing, leave to dry completely.
  • Leaving the product soaked in water for prolonged periods can cause the colour to fade.
  • This product is eligible for Letterbox Delivery.
  • Depending on the number and combination of items purchased, it may be shipped using Percel Delivery.
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