Mini-Wreaths (Setsubun, Plum blossoms)
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This charming set features two types of wreaths: the 'Setsubun' wreath, packed with the spirit of Setsubun including red ogres, beans, sardines, and holly leaves, and the 'Ume' wreath, adorned with the heralds of spring - plum blossoms and Japanese bush warblers. Each wreath is a petite size that can fit in the palm of your hand, intricately crafted from washi paper to encapsulate the essence of early spring. Equipped with a wire, they can be easily hung on walls or used to decorate items like calendars.
 - Setsubun: Width 6.5 × Depth 1.0 × Height 6.0 cm
 - Ume: Width 6.0 × Depth 1.0 × Height 6.0 cm
Contents: A set of two wreaths, Setsubun and Ume
Made in Japan

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