Miniature ornament (Cherry blossoms and Citrus tachibana)
Miniature ornament (Cherry blossoms and Citrus tachibana)
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Accompanying Hina dolls in traditional Hina Matsuri displays are the cherry blossoms (sakura) and the citrus tachibana. We offer a charming, petite set of these blossoms that can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. This set combines textured washi paper to craft the flowers, leaves, and fruits, setting them on a sturdy base of black washi paper adorned with gold leaf for an elegant touch. The set is accented with a red cord, adding to the festive and vibrant atmosphere of the Hina Matsuri celebration.

The use of cherry blossoms (sakura) and citrus tachibana in Hina Matsuri decorations is said to originate from the Imperial Palace of Heian-kyo (794-), where these trees were planted in the Purple Palace (Shishinden). Referred to as "Sakon no Sakura" (cherry blossom on the left) and "Ukon no Tachibana" (citrus tachibana on the right), these terms are from the perspective of the Hina dolls, indicating their left and right sides, respectively. When setting up your display, the convention is to place the cherry blossoms to the right and the citrus tachibana to the left from the viewer's standpoint.

Pairing these lanterns with our Washi Paper Ornaments, such as the Round-shaped Hina Dolls or Hina Dolls in Masu, will enhance the festive spirit and elegance of your setup. We highly recommend combining them for a more vibrant and celebratory display.

Size: Cherry blossoms: Width 4.5cm × Depth 4.5cm × Height 5.5cm, Citrus tachibana: Width 4.0cm × Depth 4.0cm × Height 6.0cm
Made in Japan

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