Miniature ornament (Tanba Hozuki)
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According to folklore, swallowing a whole "hozuki" (Chinese lantern plant) with water could cure chronic ailments in adults and relieve stomachaches in children. This belief led to the tradition of hozuki markets at fairs. The Hozuki Market held in July at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, is a quintessential summer event that carries the charm of the Edo period into the present day.

Our "Tanba Hozuki" features vividly colored hozuki fruits arranged in a small wooden bucket. Standing at about 9 cm tall, this palm-sized decoration is perfect for bringing the atmosphere of summer in Edo (old Tokyo) to your entryway or room.

Size: Width 5.0 × Height 9.0 × Depth 3.0 cm
Made in Japan

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