Seasonal hanging scroll (Boys' Day)
Seasonal hanging scroll (Boys' Day)
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This compact hanging scroll, approximately A4 size, is adorned with a helmet plumply stuffed with cotton to create a three-dimensional effect, and iris flowers crafted from intricate paper cutouts. Utilizing a variety of traditional Japanese papers, each piece is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring it does not dictate where it must be displayed. Enjoy the texture of the washi paper along with the delicate artistry of embossing and paper cutting combined.

The decorations for "Tango-no-Sekku" (端午の節句), also known as Boy's Day, carry the hope that boys will evade illnesses and accidents, growing up strong and healthy. Historically, samurai armor and helmets have been displayed as talismans to protect boys. The tradition of decorating with iris flowers during this period is believed to originate from the resemblance of the iris leaves to slender swords. Additionally, the word for iris in Japanese (しょうぶ, "shōbu") is a homophone for 尚武 (しょうぶ, "shōbu"), which means 'to honor the way of the warrior'. It is thought that these associations led to the custom of decorating with irises blooming during this season as a symbol of martial virtue and protection.

​Size: Width 21.0cm × Height 30.0cm
Made in Japan

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