Seasonal hanging scroll (Hina dolls)
Seasonal hanging scroll (Hina dolls)
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This exquisite Hina Doll Tapestry is crafted with care, featuring a three-dimensional embossed design of Hina dolls filled with cotton to create a lifelike texture. The size of the tapestry is comparable to an A4 sheet, making it a perfect accent piece for any room.

Celebrated on Girls' Day, also known as the Peach Festival or "Joshi no Sekku," this tradition hails from the early March ritual of using paper dolls to pray for health and well-being, believed to be the origin of Hina dolls. This custom of purifying and warding off evil spirits gradually evolved into a vibrant doll display, becoming a beloved festival for girls. Entrusted within these washi paper Hina dolls are our hopes for the healthy growth and happiness of girls.

​Size: Width 21.0cm × Height 30.0cm
Made in Japan

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