Shime-Kazari (Hatsu-hinode)
Shime-Kazari (Hatsu-hinode)
Shime-Kazari (Hatsu-hinode)
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Embrace the essential Japanese New Year tradition with our Shimekazari, crafted from washi paper. Shimekazari, a symbolic rope decoration, serves as a marker for the descent of the Toshigami-sama (New Year deities) and denotes a sacred space to welcome them, celebrating the family's well-being and prosperity.
Our Shimekazari features a clean, white 'Shime-Washi' paper ring, intertwined to represent purity and simplicity. Adorned with images reminiscent of the first sunrise, Mount Fuji, and the white waves often seen in Ukiyo-e art, it encapsulates the essence of a Japanese New Year. The paper streamers (Shide) signify purity, while the Urajiro (fern) symbolizes innocence. The generous lengths of red and white washi paper embody the festive spirit of the New Year.
Measuring approximately 40 cm in length, this Shimekazari is perfect not just for your entrance but also for other significant areas in your home, to usher in the new year with positivity and strength.

Size: Width 16.0 × Height 41.0 cm
Made in Japan

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