Table mat (Dragon) Set of 3 pieces
Table mat (Dragon) Set of 3 pieces
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2024 marks the Year of the Dragon. In folklore, the dragon is a water deity that nourishes the fields and enriches life. The legend of the carp transforming into a dragon as it ascends a waterfall symbolizes success and social ascent. These set of three table mats, wishing for abundance and progress, feature transparent watercolor paintings printed on Japanese washi paper with a slightly textured, gentle feel.

Ideal for New Year celebrations, birthdays, or significant milestones like the 60th birthday, these mats are perfect for gatherings with family and friends. They can also be creatively used as wrapping paper.

Pair them with our 'Chopsticks and Wrappers (Dragon)' for a coordinated look.

Size: Width 40.0 × Height 29.0 cm
Contents: Set of 3
Made in Japan