Tenugui (Ichimatsu)
Tenugui (Ichimatsu)
Tenugui (Ichimatsu)
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"Ichimatsu-Moyou (市松模様)", the checkered pattern is a design that alternates between two colors of squares or rectangles. Originally referred to as stone paving or hail, this pattern dates back to the Kofun period (250-538 AD), where it was even found on the clothing patterns of clay figurines called "haniwa". During the mid-Edo period, the kabuki actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu (1722-1762) popularized the pattern by wearing hakama (traditional Japanese trousers) adorned with white and navy checkers on stage. His frequent use of this pattern led to it being named after him as the "Ichimatsu pattern". The continuous nature of the Ichimatsu pattern, without breaks, symbolizes prosperity and eternity.

In the popular manga "Demon Slayer", traditional Japanese patterns are used in the characters' costumes, including the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado (竈門炭治郎), whose outfit features the Ichimatsu pattern.


  • approx. L90 cm x W37 cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Wash separately from other clothing by hand for the first few washes, as this is a hand-dyed product.
  • Avoid using detergent with bleach
  • After washing, leave to dry completely
  • When fraying occurs, you can stop it by cutting the frayed horizontal threads, leaving about 5mm of the vertical thread fringe

Please refer to "How to care about your Tenugui"

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