Tenugui (Inome-Karakusa)
Tenugui (Inome-Karakusa)
Tenugui (Inome-Karakusa)
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Inome (boar's eye) pattern is a traditional Japanese design that resembles the shape of a heart. True to its name, it originates from the eye of a boar and has been widely used in the architectural decorations of shrines and temples since ancient times. It is a pattern believed to ward off misfortune and bring good fortune. In this hand towel, we have combined the Inome pattern with the auspicious Karakusa pattern, which represents prosperity and longevity.

  • approx. L90 cm x W37 cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Wash separately from other clothing by hand for the first few washes, as this is a hand-dyed product.
  • Avoid using detergent with bleach
  • After washing, leave to dry completely
  • When fraying occurs, you can stop it by cutting the frayed horizontal threads, leaving about 5mm of the vertical thread fringe

Please refer to "How to care about your Tenugui"

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