Tenugui (Matsu)
Tenugui (Matsu)
Tenugui (Matsu)
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'Matsu (松),' known in English as 'pine tree,' has been a popular motif for a long time. In Japanese, the word 'Matsu' has a dual meaning: it refers both to the pine tree and to the act of 'waiting.' This play on words combines the enduring nature of the pine, which retains its color even through snow and frost and waits for spring, with the concept of waiting itself, symbolizing perseverance and hope. As a result, pines are considered auspicious, leading to their widespread fondness and a wide variety of pine-themed designs.

  • approx. L90 cm x W37 cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Wash separately from other clothing by hand for the first few washes, as this is a hand-dyed product.
  • Avoid using detergent with bleach
  • After washing, leave to dry completely
  • When fraying occurs, you can stop it by cutting the frayed horizontal threads, leaving about 5mm of the vertical thread fringe

Please refer to "How to care about your Tenugui"

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