Washi paper ornament (Auspicious Dragon)
Washi paper ornament (Auspicious Dragon)
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The dragon, the zodiac symbol for the year 2024, is seen as the divine water being that hydrates the fields and brings life to our homes. The story of the carp climbing a waterfall to become a dragon is a metaphor for personal advancement and success, known as the Dragon Gate legend. The Azure Dragon is a mythic creature that guards the East, symbolizing the direction where the sun rises and the season of spring. It is seen as a dragon deity that oversees people's growth.

This 'Auspicious Dragon' is designed after the dragon circle, a symbol of good fortune. Coiled neatly into a circle, it seems ready to spring upwards at any moment, embodying harmony and unity. The circular shape carries a wish for peace and good relationships.

Its piercing eyes sparkle, warding off disaster as if keeping a vigilant watch. Instead of a jewel, the dragon clutches a golden bell, which is considered a charm against evil spirits. The bell's sound is deemed sacred, an offering to the deities.

Each dragon, clad in the brightness that beckons good fortune, is delicately crafted by hand, with layers of washi paper. While it can be displayed on its own, pairing it with accessories such as the "Black-Lacquered Stand (Small)" or the "Folding Screen<Auspicious clouds>" made with torn paper art can enhance the festive atmosphere of New Year celebrations or special occasions even further.


Size : Width 8.5cm × Depth 6.0cm × Hight 12.5cm
Made in Japan