Washi paper ornament (Daruma in Fuku-Masu)
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The 'Daruma in Fuku-Masu' is a handcrafted piece made with a deep commitment to quality in every detail. The Daruma doll is inspired by a legend associated with Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism in China, who is said to have attained enlightenment after meditating facing a wall for nine years.

The firmly drawn mouth of the Daruma doll seems to encourage you, as if to say, "Let's persevere with great endurance." Fukumasu represents the hope for ever-increasing('Masu') happiness ('Fuku') and prosperity, making it a charm for good fortune and luck.

The 'Daruma in Fuku-Masu' is there to oversee your dedicated efforts and to help usher in wonderful fortune. It's perfect not only as a New Year decoration but also for wishes of success in exams, competitions, and other endeavors where victory is desired.

​​Size: Width 5.0cm × Depth 3.8cm × Height 5.0cm
Made in Japan

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