Washi paper ornament (Koinobori)
Washi paper ornament (Koinobori)
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The carp streamers for Boys' Day symbolize strength that does not succumb to adversity, displayed in the hope of a healthy and vigorous growth for boys. This is a small washi paper carp streamer that can fit in the palm of your hand, standing about 17cm tall. Despite its compact size, it boasts a vibrancy with its five-colored streamers and the variety of colors and patterns on the carp scales.

The tradition of displaying carp streamers to celebrate the growth of boys carries the wish for them to grow up big and strong, soaring through the vast sky like the carp streamers. It also embodies the hope for boys to overcome all life's challenges as effortlessly as a carp swims through water, achieving success and rising in the world.

Size: Height 15.5 cm
Made in Japan

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