Washi paper ornament (Maneki-Neko in Fuku-Masu)
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The 'Maneki-Neko in Fuku-Masu' is a meticulously crafted lucky charm, each one handmade with great attention to detail. The tradition of placing Maneki Neko, or 'beckoning cats', at storefronts began in the Edo period (1603-1868). It's believed to have originated from a Chinese tale that says when cats wash their face with their front paws, it beckons customers to enter.
A Maneki Neko with its left paw raised is said to invite good relationships and is considered a lucky charm for business prosperity. 'Fukumasu' embodies the wish for increasing ('masu') good fortune ('fuku'), serving as a charm for good luck and prosperity.
Additionally, Fukumasu is made from Hinoki cypress wood, known for its purifying properties, believed to ward off bad luck. It's also recommended for celebrations like New Year decorations or as a gift for a store opening.

Size : Width 5.0cm × Depth 3.8cm × Hight 5.0cm
Made in Japan

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