Washi paper ornament (Round-shaped Hina dolls)
Washi paper ornament (Round-shaped Hina dolls)
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Introducing our charming set of Hina dolls, each with a delightful, round shape and a softly smiling expression. These dolls, featuring both a male and a female figure, are crafted from lightweight papier-mâché, making them easy to handle. Despite their compact size, which comfortably fits in the palm of your hand even when displayed together, they carry a significant cultural essence. The set includes two types of mats—one rectangular and one fan-shaped—to accommodate various display preferences. You can layer them or use just one, depending on your display choice. Each set is elegantly packaged in a red gift box for delivery.

Celebrated on Girls' Day, also known as the Peach Festival or "Joshi no Sekku," this tradition hails from the early March ritual of using paper dolls to pray for health and well-being, believed to be the origin of Hina dolls. This custom of purifying and warding off evil spirits gradually evolved into a vibrant doll display, becoming a beloved festival for girls. Entrusted within these washi paper Hina dolls are our hopes for the healthy growth and happiness of girls.

Size: Dolls 3.5×3.0 cm in diameter, Mats 9.0×6.5 cm
Includes: Male and female dolls, two mats, packaged in a decorative box
Made in Japan

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