Furoshiki (Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga, Reversible (S))
Furoshiki (Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga, Reversible (S))
Furoshiki (Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga, Reversible (S))
Furoshiki (Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga, Reversible (S))
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The birds and beast figures caricature is said to be the father of caricature cartoons.
Its attention is drawn from its rich depiction power, skillfulness of expressive lines.
Anthropomorphized rabbits, monkeys and frogs as if they were incarnations of those days.
The animals jump out from the wrapping cloth even after 800 years they breath out those ancient times.

Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga :
The national treasure Choju-Jinbutsu-Giga is in the form of a picture book; rendered in black ink paint; it is currently stored at the Kozan-ji temple in Kyoto.
The contents depict animals and people together showing the society of those ancient days.
The current configuration consists of 4 volumes called A, B, C, D.
The most famous panel is the story told by playful anthropomorphized rabbits, frogs, monkeys, etc.,
They engage in water play, gambling, sumo wrestling, legal proceedings, quarrels and other curious scenes.
The theory is that the artist used these drawings to satirize human and contemporary societal mores of the time.

Product Details

Dimensions : 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″)
Weight : 46 g
Material : 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Gift Wrapping (Lunch Box etc..)

First, learn these two types of basic knots.

Examples of wrapping

1. Wrapping small boxes such as lunch boxes

2. Wrapping a wine bottle

3. Wrap as a bag



Tips for Choosing the Right Furoshiki Size 

The size of a furoshiki is best chosen by ensuring that the diagonal length of the furoshiki is approximately three times the length of the item you wish to wrap. This makes it easier to wrap the item securely.




  • Machine washable or hand wash.
  • When ironing, use a pressing cloth.
    - For cotton materials, iron at approximately 180-210°C.
    - For polyester materials, iron at approximately 140-160°C.
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