Furoshiki (Ukiyo-e, The Red Fuji (L) )
Furoshiki (Ukiyo-e, The Red Fuji (L) )
Furoshiki (Ukiyo-e, The Red Fuji (L) )
Furoshiki (Ukiyo-e, The Red Fuji (L) )
Furoshiki (Ukiyo-e, The Red Fuji (L) )
Furoshiki (Ukiyo-e, The Red Fuji (L) )
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South Wind, Clear Sky (The Red Fuji) : Hokusai
One of the masterpieces of Hokusai's body of work. It is also called, Red Fuji.
Hokusai captured the moment in early autumn when the morning sun covers Mt. Fuji in red creatong a majestic atmosphere.
You can use this larger furoshiki as a bag, for gift wrapping, as a table cover, as a tapestry, etc.

Product Details

Dimensions : 104 x 104 cm (40.9″ x 40.9″)
Weight : 170 g
Material : 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Gift Wrapping (Lunch Box etc..)

First, learn these two types of basic knots.

Examples of wrapping

1. Wrapping small boxes such as lunch boxes

2. Wrapping a wine bottle

3. Wrap as a bag



Tips for Choosing the Right Furoshiki Size 

The size of a furoshiki is best chosen by ensuring that the diagonal length of the furoshiki is approximately three times the length of the item you wish to wrap. This makes it easier to wrap the item securely.




  • Machine washable or hand wash.
  • When ironing, use a pressing cloth.
    - For cotton materials, iron at approximately 180-210°C.
    - For polyester materials, iron at approximately 140-160°C.
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