Mizuhiki-Kazari (Red & White)
Mizuhiki-Kazari (Red & White)
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This traditional Shimekazari, a must-have for the Japanese New Year, is simply crafted using Mizuhiki cords. Shimekazari serves as a marker for the descent of the Toshigami-sama (New Year deities), symbolizing a sacred space. It's a way to welcome these deities and to celebrate the family's collective happiness and prosperity.

Size: Width 18.0 × Height 30.0 cm
Made in Japan

Tenugui (Osechi)
Tenugui (Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi)
Shime-Kazari (Mukai-Dai)
Shime-Kazari (Hatsu-hinode)
Mizuhiki-Kazari (Red & White)
Washi paper ornament (Maneki-Neko in Fuku-Masu)
Washi paper ornament (Daruma in Fuku-Masu)
Charcoal ornament (Mt.Fuji)
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