Washi Envelopes

Washi Envelopes

Washi Envelopes

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These plain envelopes are perfect for holding B5/A5 letter paper folded into thirds.

The paper used is "Hadayoshi Paper," a traditional hōsho paper from Yamanashi, the former province of Kai. The name derives from its quality, which is said to be "as beautiful as a fair lady's skin." Historically, it was used by the Takeda clan and later presented to the shogunate during the Edo period. These envelopes faithfully preserves the texture and writing feel of this traditional paper. They are suitable for both pen and brush writing. 

We recommend using them with the "Washi Letter Papers A5" and "Washi One-Stroke Letter Papers."

Size: 9.0 cm × 20.4 cm
Contents: 5 envelopes
Made in Japan

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